Special Events Rule

How do I automatically adjust pricing for events near my rental?

Do you have any public holidays in your country, social or entertainment events near your rental? See how far away you want to look for certain events and how strongly you want the rates to be changed as result.

  1. From the strategies overlay, click the New button to add a new rule.
  2. Select Special Events Rule from the dropdown list, to edit the special events settings for your strategy.
  3. Set the maximum distance from your rental location that events can be in order to affect your nightly rates. For the example below, we have set a distance of 10km. The maximum distance allowed is 10 kilometers.
  4. Set the impact that you want special events to have on your nightly rates.

    Passive impact will result in a slight increase in nightly rates. Moderate impact will make a larger increase in nightly rates.

    Aggressive impact will result in more drastic increases to nightly rates.

    In the example below, we have selected the option to have a moderate impact when special events are found.
  5. Select the event categories for events that you want to have impact your nightly rates.

    Leave the field blank, if you want all event categories to be used. In the example below, we have selected conferences, expos, and festivals, in order to limit which types of events will cause changes to our nightly rates.
  6. Click the Save button to save the rule to your strategy.

You have the option of saving your strategy now, and using your strategy as currently composed, or you may continue adding more rules, and fine-tuning other settings in the strategy details. Be sure to review your details and rules settings before clicking the Save button to save the strategy. This will result in new rates being generated for the rental.

As always, please contact us with questions any time. We're happy to help!

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