Currency Adjustment Rule

How do I push different currencies to different channels?

Do you need to use different currencies on different channels? Now you can automatically convert your default currency to the appropriate channel-specific currency, based on the latest Forex exchange rate.

  1. From the strategies overlay, click the New button to add a new rule.
  2. Select Currency Adjustment Rule from the dropdown list, to edit the currency adjustment settings for your strategy.
  3. Click on the Channels selector to pick the channel for which new currency needs to be added.
    In this example, we will select as the channel.
  4. Now from the Currency list, choose the currency which will be used for the selected channel.
    For this example let’s select GBP.
  5. After selecting the currency, we can check the current Forex exchange rate for the selected currency by clicking on the Exchange button next to the Currency field.
    By clicking this button, a graph will be displayed that shows the exchange rates for the past 24 hours. The source currency for this graph will be picked from user’s account level settings. In this case, we have USD set as the default currency on the Account Info page in Tokeet. As a result, the graph shows the conversion rate of USD into GBP.
  6. Click on the (+) button if you want to change currency for any other channel.
  7. Click the Save button to save the rule to your strategy.

You have the option of saving your strategy now, and using your strategy as currently composed, or you may continue adding more rules, and fine-tuning other settings in the strategy details. Be sure to review your details and rules settings before clicking the Save button to save the strategy. This will result in new rates being generated for the rental. If the strategy in which this rule is added is linked to any rental, the rental rates calendar will show each channel adjustment using the converted currency.

As always, please contact us with questions any time. We're happy to help.

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