Creating Hold Events inside Rategenie

You’ll frequently find yourself needing to block specific date ranges on your Rategenie booking calendar to ensure your rental property remains unoccupied. There's a variety of reasons for this, most commonly for maintenance, personal use of the property, cleaning, and staff holidays.

To create a hold event:

Creating a hold event will prevent any bookings occurring for these dates.

These hold events will be reflected on your Rategenie rates calendar view (both on multi calendar and standard calendar)

To create a hold event in your calendar, please follow the directions below:

  1. Go to the Hold event menu option on the left side, click on Green 'Add hold' button
  2. This can also be done by dragging over the dates you would like to block and selecting Add Hold Event.  The dates selected will automatically be applied to the Hold Event.
  3. Click on the green  Add Hold Event button.
  4. You will need to enter the following information before you can save:

• Title: You can choose any name

.• Rental: Select one or more rentals to apply this hold event to

• Status: Set a hold event status

• Start Date: Select or edit the start date for the hold event

• End Date: Select or edit the end date for the hold event

• Expiration Date: Set a date for automatically removing the event from the calendar

  • Roll Forward - This checkbox allows you to automatically have the hold event shifted forward by a day, this happens every 24 hrs. For instance, if you will like to prevent bookings from 6 months or more into the future then you can create a hold event that begins 6 months from today, which spans a year and select the roll forward option. Each day, the beginning/end dates will be updated to the next day so it always blocks the calendar 6 months from the current date.

Hold Types

There are five types of hold events: 

  • Confirmed: Blocking dates for confirmed bookings that are not imported via any channel connections.
  • Personal: Marking time where the property will be reserved for personal use.
  • Maintenance: Marking time where the property will be unavailable during maintenance.
  • Pending: Marking time where the booking is in progress.
  • Other: All other reasons for blocking the dates.

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