Rategenie Rates

  • Dynamic Updates

    See your nightly prices change in your calendar as your rate strategies and occupancy change.

  • Easy Customization

    If you see a nightly rate that you want to change, just click on it, and enter any price or adjustment you desire.

  • Smart Navigation

    Finding the rental, strategy or nightly rate that you want to update has never been easier with the super-intuitive interface.

Rate Strategies

  • Genie Strategy

    Don't have time for day-to-day management of your rental's rates? No problem! Let Rategenie do all the work to find the perfect price for your rental.

  • Customizable Rules

    Get the most out of your rate strategies, by tailoring them perfectly to your rental's needs.

  • Simple Setup

    Get started and generating rates in your calendar in minutes. Rates management has never been this easy or effective.

Channel Listings

  • Auto Mapping

    No more fussing with channel settings to get your rates pushed to your listings. Now, Rategenie will intelligently identify your channel rate plans, and automatically map them for you.

  • Easy Management

    Want to push rates to a different channel rate category? No sweat! Just click on the listing to quickly update the mapped rate plan, so your rates will always go where you want them to.

  • Tokeet Sync

    Rategenie integrates tightly with your Tokeet account, allowing you to apply your rate strategies across not only your connected channels, but also your Tokeet websites and booking engines.

Rategenie Rentals

  • Market Data

    Stay a step ahead of the competition, by accessing rich market data previously only available to the large property management firms.

  • Revenue Optimization

    With sophisticated machine learning algorithms, couples with a smart, but simple interface, you will see both your profits and business growth rate increase.

  • Local Events

    Stay in the know at all times about upcoming events and attraction, with an up-to-date list of local events, provided by our specialized data and events partners.