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Dynamic Pricing

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Dynamic Pricing Strategies
Create the perfect rate strategy for your rentals and market.

We know that one size doesn't fit all. That's why we made Rategenie flexible enough to adapt to any market, anywhere in the world. Whether you're in a large city or on a small remote island, Rategenie will help you build a pricing strategy that works for your market. You can base your strategies on historical trends, your rental's occupancy, a fixed price, or use our Genie Strategy to get started.

We've partnered with the leading data and event intelligence companies to build a sophisticated rates engine that is both easy to use and delivers powerful results. Rategenie is the result of years of experience and knowledge of the short-term rental industry, and research into rental pricing and profitability. Now it's yours to use so you can get the most from your time and money.

Rategenie's pricing is truly dynamic and changes instantly when the conditions and variables in your strategy change. More importantly, we'll update your rates on every channel after each change - at least once per day, but typically much more frequently.

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Powerful Rules & Customizations
You're in full control with Rategenie dynamic pricing.

  • Events & Holiday Predictions

    We know about the big days on your calendar and can automatically adjust your rates to suit. Even better, we differentiate large events from smaller, less significant ones and can adjust for distance from your rentals. Our global events calendar takes the guess work out of getting the perfect price each day.

  • Minimum Stay Adjustments

    Minimum nights stay is a powerful feature which is supported by all channels. Rategenie can help you make the most of it by dynamically adjusting your minimum stay for any period of time based on a seemingly countless number of factors.

  • Price Customization

    Customize your price based on channel, advanced bookings, day of week, month of year, number of guests, gaps in your calendar, last minute bookings, and much more.

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The Perfect Price On Every Channel
The most expansive list of channel connections on the market.

Rategenie has official API integrations with the most popular vacation rental channels. Ensure the most competitive price on every channel at anytime during any day with Rategenie's continuous push technology. Stop waiting for your rates to change. Rategenie updates your rates as often as needed so your prices are always perfect.

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Use metrics and market data
to beat the competition
We have all the data you need to make the right decisions.

Take the guesswork out of generating your rates. With Rategenie you will gain a deeper understanding of your local market through detailed rental and market metrics in the dashboard.

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